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Apply one coat. Here is a brief comparison of the prices between a beauty salon and an at-home pedicure.

Step 6: Apply Toe Separators - Once you paint your toenails, toe separators will ensure that you do not smudge one toenail's polish onto another one. This will keep your pumiced feet soft. I personally like bright pink or red - colors that really stand out! I also enjoy purple; I have many purple bottles that "dry faster" than normal ones. Allow to dry, and then, apply a second coat. Also, apply sun-block if your feet will be in the sun.

. Before painting your toenails with color, allow the base coat to completely dry.

Not only is it more affordable, but the supplies used for an at-home pedicure can be used time and time again, making it even easier on your budget. Therefore, apply these foam separators before painting your nails.

Step 10: Apply a Top Coat - A clear, finishing coat of nail polish can often harden your nails and ensure that the colored polish stays on your toenails longer..

Step 9: Moisturize and Apply Sun-Block - After your polish has completely dried, keep your clean and beautiful toes perfect by applying lotion. While a nail salon can often do a better job and can be more fun, those of you who are on a budget, do pedicures on a regular basis, or cannot leave your home often enough to make going to a beauty salon for a pedicure a practical idea, should consider doing a homemade pedicure.

Step 8: Paint Your Toenails - Pick a fun color of nail polish, and paint away. Sometimes I am impatient or in a hurry, so I like the "jet dry" ones.

Step 7: Apply a Base Coat - A base coat smooths your toenails to ensure the nail polish goes on without bubbles or bumps